Life event in Japan

【2020】The best portable WIFI service provider in Japan

This page provides you information about・・・Recommended portable WIFI services providers in Japan(Long-term/short-term contract plans). Some provider has "penalty free plans for short-term use.(i.e. No penalty fees applied for early termination like other major companies.) Cloud sim type
Life event in Japan

【2020】What’s the best fiber internet service providers in Japan?

This page provides you information about・・・ Key points when choosing the best provider in JapanRecommended fiber intern...

Multilingual support & counseling hotlines in Japan

This page provides you information about...Emergency numbers you should know, Nation-wide multilingual DV support and hotlines, Multilingual help concerning Covid19, and Other life event information.

How do I get public HELP in Japan(Protections for DV victims)

Location of each DV shelter is not disclosed to public. So we don't know the exact places. Speaking of a shelter I was in, fairly spacious room with a drawer and futon on tatami floor. One toilet and two bathrooms to share with other three to five families.